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SMILE Technique

A New LASIK Technique for Patients Who Are Nearsighted and Have Astigmatism

FDA Approval of SMILE® Technology Addresses Astigmatism
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Our eyes are our most important sensory organ. The human brain obtains over 80% of its information via the sense of sight. Seeing is independence and freedom. Seeing is living.

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Well over half the world’s population relies on glasses or contact lenses to see well. But many find that being dependent upon those interferes with their professional lives and leisure time.

Have you been considering LASIK, but have been concerned about dry eye syndrome?

Witness the next generation of refractive surgery... With the VisuMax® Laser, using the SMILE technique, we offer precision, efficiency, speed and gentleness in one step. A minimal incision is made on the cornea with NO FLAP; therefore, there is a great reduction in the incidence of dry eye syndrome compared to previous types of LASIK. Currently, we are offering this method to nearsighted patients.

A life without glasses. State-of-the-art technology and methods make it possible and make a dream come true: clear vision, at any time of the day, whatever you are proposing to do. You wake up in the morning and everything is in focus, the moment you open your eyes. SMILE!

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