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SMILE® Surgical Procedure

WK Eye Institute is the only location in the state of Louisiana to offer this 3rd Generation Laser Vision Correction. SMILE®, also known a Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, is considered the most technologically advanced procedure available while also being less invasive as previous generations of Laser Vision Correction procedures. This procedure is often used to treat patients with Myopia (nearsighted) and have astigmatism.

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The ReLEx SMILE® laser works to apply a series of tiny bubbles to create what is called a lenticule. The laser then creates a small, 4mm incision allowing your surgeon access and remove the targeted piece of tissue to correct your vision. In less than 30 seconds, the patient’s cornea has been reshaped granting the patient optimal visual results. Once you sit up from your procedure you will immediately appreciate improvement in your vision.

Because fewer nerves are affected due to not having a flap cut, there is less discomfort and chance of post-op dry eye. Another bonus of SMILE®, no flap means the integrity of the cornea remains intact. This translates to no risk of flap-related issues. Our patients can return to normal daily activities such as work and wearing makeup 24 hours post-op. Swimming and sports-related activities can resume as soon as 1-week post-op. Patients are driving themselves the next morning and returning to their regular everyday lives.

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