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Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye examination is important for everyone, even those who do not need vision correction.

Click the play button to watch Dr. Bryan explain comprehensive eye exams

Here's what is included:

  • Evaluation of medical history and review of medications
  • Review of eye history, past and present
  • Prescription for eyeglasses, if needed (or contact lens examination and fitting.
  • Slit lamp exam to looks at the front of the eye - lids, lashes, the front surface of the eye – the cornea, tear film, the white of your eye and your lens inside of your eye.
  • Glaucoma check to measure pressure in the eye
  • Dilation to look inside your eye. Eye drops are placed in your eyes to cause your pupils to become large. Using a magnifying lens and a bright light, your doctor will review the inside of your eye to determine the health of your lens, retina and nerve.
  • Based on these examinations, your eye doctor will discuss your diagnosis and recommendations and advise you on how often you should have an eye examination.

The following WK Eye Institute doctors offer comprehensive eye exams: