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A cataract is simply a color change or opacity of your normal human lens. The human lens is a clear structure inside the eye that sits directly behind the pupil. When you are young, the lens is crystal clear and allows a normal healthy eye to focus light as a sharp point onto the retina which in turn allows you to see a sharp image. As we age, the human lens begins to turn a yellowish brown color. This process happens slowly over time so the changes are not noticed immediately. As cataracts worsen, patients begin to notice increasing glare at night time, poor vision in dim environments, trouble reading small print in poor lighting and an overall loss of detail. Initially strengthening glasses may overcome the early symptoms of cataracts but as they advance, changes in glasses do not improve the symptoms. Once cataract symptoms become bad enough to affect your quality of life, it’s time for them to be removed. The WK Eye Institute offers the latest in Cataract Surgery. Click here to learn more about Cataract Surgery.

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